Our Story

Originating from our spare bedroom in 2019, Room On Fire was founded with the sole focus of being able to provide customers with premium, curated vintage without breaking the bank. We hand pick every single item to ensure we always provide quality vintage. Almost 3 years on, we have built a passionate community from across the globe who love vintage just as much as we do!

Our Influences

We are inspired deeply by music and the evolution of streetwear throughout the eras. These influences are reflected in the product we source, with all of our products deriving from the 90’s and early 00’s.

Why the name Room On Fire? Named after our favourite The Strokes album of course! 

Our Store

In 2021 we expanded our business and opened our first store, located in our hometown of Adelaide, South Australia. We both work in the store each day and value the opportunity to meet our customers in person! Come hang with us, 4 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide. 

Our Mission

We are so passionate about our people and importantly our planet. We are on a mission to make sustainable fashion the new normal. We are excited for you to join along on this journey with us!

Keep up to date with all things ROF on Instagram at @roomonfirevintage

Big love always,

Steph & Reuben